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What is CrossFit?

Our mission at CrossFit Exe is to improve lives through physical activity in a friendly and welcoming environment.

We do this through CrossFit, a fitness programme with the aim of preparing you for all of life’s physical challenges.

We get you fit for anything. We cater for all levels of fitness, from retiree with no training experience to elite professional athlete, and everything in between. Not all gyms are the same. Here at CrossFit Exe we offer a training experience like no other.

Come in and try it for yourself.

Please Contact Us to book your first session and for any further information.

Come train with us



Check out what our members say about CrossFit Exe.


CrossFit filled the team element that I missed from hockey, taught me so many new skills and I have made lots of wonderful friends. Without CrossFit I wouldn’t be able to pull myself into the attic on my own.

JP Mustill

CrossFit Exe is my place to go and de-stress from the world. A place to have fun and be me.

JP Mustill
Rich Middleton

Being able to scale any activity to your own level means you can get involved and improve at your own pace.

Rich Middleton
Michael Kawczynski

CrossFit has pushed me beyond all my psychological limits of what I thought I could achieve. I’ve never been fitter.

Erik and Jess Renz

CrossFit Exe gave us roots when Exeter became our home. It’s a place that promotes hard work and a positive attitude.

Erik and Jess
Annie Seymour

CrossFit made me fitter and stronger than I ever imagined possible! It’s taught me new skills and given me lovely friends. I can rely on it to make a rubbish day a good one.

Maddie Stewart

CrossFit Exe is place where you never feel judged for what you can do or what you look like whilst doing it. It has made me fitter and stronger than I have ever been whilst also gaining friends and confidence in myself.

Sarah Holmes

I’ve never been stronger or more fit. I’ve gained confidence, met amazing people and it gets me up and motivated every day.




Here’s what’s on offer at CrossFit Exe.

Group Classes

Personal Training


To enjoy a training experience like no other, simply choose the experience level that best suits you.

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