WEDNESDAY 13/04/16

WEDNESDAY 13/04/16

Before Class
Get warm
Squat Preparation

Class warm-up
10 Hip Bridge
5 Bird Dog each side
5 Narrow Grip OHS with 3 sec pause
3 sets

A1. 5 Slow clean pull; 2 sets
A2. 5 Slow pull clean; 2 sets
A3. 5 Power Clean + Jerk; 2 sets

B. EMOM 10: Power Clean + Jerk @ 75% 1RM

Deadlift; 10 reps; 3 sets; Add 5-10kg from last week

Loaded feet elevated FLR; 20 sec; 4 sets

50 Side plank dips, Left
50 Side plank dips, Right


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