TUESDAY 24/05/16

TUESDAY 24/05/16

Clean drills
5 Pull to knee
5 Pull to thigh
5 Pull
5 Clean

Clean + Clean; 6 sets

One & All Games WOD 1

‘Two Pillars’

In teams of 2 male & 2 female complete:

Male ladder 40kg – 160kg (increasing by 10kg each bar)
Female ladder 30kg – 90kg (increasing by 5kg each bar)

*Teams have one male bar and one female bar and will add weight each round.
*Teams will have 1 minute to complete the weight category. If you fail to complete the lift within the minute you are out and your last successful lift will be logged. Those who successfully complete lifts can progress through to the next weight category. Score is total combined heaviest lift.

Coaches’ Choice

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