TRAINING – TUE 16/09/14

TRAINING – TUE 16/09/14



A) Broad Jump; 2 reps; 4 sets; Max Distance

B) Power Clean; 3-5 reps; 5 sets

*Practice touch & go reps or re-set on each rep

5 rounds for time:

Strict Pull-ups; 5 reps
KB Swings (24/16); 10 reps
Sit-ups; 25 reps


A) Hang Snatch; 1 rep max

B) Snatch Grip Romanian Deadlift; 5 reps; 3 sets; 90-100% or 1RM Snatch

Every minute for 6 minutes:
Odds – Max Effort (-2) Strict Pull-ups
Evens – Max Effort (-2) Bench Press @ Bodyweight

Every minute for 6 minutes:
Odds – Max Effort (-2) Chest-to-bar Pull-ups
Evens – Max Effort (-2) Kipping HSPU

*Continuous movement, no resting at any time through sets.

For time:
Power Snatch (60/40); 10 reps
Barbell Burpee; 10 reps
Rest; 60 sec
3 rounds

Explanation of the Levels:

Level 1
A fundamentals programme for beginners and those looking for a steady re-introduction to CrossFit training. Develop technique in the core strength lifts and basic gymnastic movements; work on mobility, ironing out imbalances and gaining positional stability; improve work capacity and movment function.

Level 2
CrossFit Exe class based programme. Further development of technique in barbell and gymnastic movements; testing and developing strength and power; mobility to improve performance; exploring a greater range of energy systems. A complete programme for general fitness and physical capacity, it is possible to remain on this programme indefinitely.

Level 3
Current or prospective CrossFit competitors. A slimmed down version of the full Athlete Programme that will fit people’s schedules a little easier. A focus on weightlifting, CrossFit gymnastics and a full range of energy system work. Structured for progression toward major CrossFit competitions.

Level 4
Individual Programming, for those with the time, dedication and drive to maximise their potential. Athletes in CrossFit, weightlifting, other sports, Military…tailored programming to meet specific goals. Those requiring more individual programmes should contact us on

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