TUESDAY 12/01/16

TUESDAY 12/01/16

A. 10 minutes @ easy pace:
2 lengths High Knees
2 lengths Butt Kicks
5 Muscle-Up Transitions on Low Rings
10 Hollow Rocks
10 Thrusters, light

B. 4 sets of max muscle-ups; rest 2 minutes between sets

*If working towards muscle-up, perform max set of strict ring pull-ups followed by max set of strict ring dips

C. For time
400m Run
30 Sit-Up
30 Thruster (45/30 kg)
400m Run
20 Sit-Up
20 Thruster (45/30 kg)
400m Run
10 Sit-Up
10 Thruster (45/30 kg)

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