TUESDAY 05/04/16

TUESDAY 05/04/16

Before class
Get warm
Shoulder & upper back preparation

Class warm-up
2 sets:
400m run
7 Down dog/Up dog

30 sec: Strict Pull-ups/Pull-up Progression
30 sec: Rest
30 sec: Strict Dips/Dip Progression
30 sec: Rest
30 sec: Handstand hold/Pike hold or Down-dog
30 sec: Rest
30 sec: Deficit Press-ups/Elevated Press-up
30 sec: Rest
3 sets


Rowing technique


90 sec Row
90 sec Double-under
90 sec Wall Ball
4 sets

*Choose a Wall Ball that you can maintain a sustainable pace with for the full 90 sec
*Double-unders should be attempted through sets

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