THURSDAY 21/01/16

THURSDAY 21/01/16

A. 3 sets @ easy pace:
10 Double-unders
10 Tap Swings on Bar
10 Hollow Rocks
10 Barbell Press, light

B. Clean & Jerk 15 rep max

*Any clean & jerk variation is acceptable.
*Touch-and-Go at floor. The athlete may rest with the bar at the hang, front rack, overhead, or back rack.

Scaling Options
1. Hang Power Clean + Power Jerk
2. Dumbbell Hang Power Clean + Power Jerk
3. Dumbbell Hang Power Clean + Push Press

C. Row 3x500m, rest while partner(s) work
Immediately after each row, perform a hard set of Toes-to-Bar

*Row: Near maximal effort. Leave a little in the tank.
*TTB: Sets should be sub-maximal, 2-3 reps short of max effort

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