THURSDAY 14/04/16

THURSDAY 14/04/16

The Skills sessions are designed for you to focus on skill development and the pre-requisite requirements for that skill (balance, coordination, stability etc.). The intensity & volume is deliberately lower than the other sessions through the week. This enables you to continue to practice, while still recovering from the stresses of your training.

Before class
Get warm
Shoulder & upper back preparation

Class warm-up
10 Partner Hollow Rocks
Partner Down-Dog stretch
10 Partner Pistol/RFE Split Squats
Partner Straddle stretch
10 Partner Hollow Arch
Partner hanging stretch

Handstands – building on last week
Kipping – for pull-ups & Toes To Bar

In pairs, for quality:

Buy in – Accumulate 2 min L-Sit

50 Press-ups, hand release
50 Toes to Bar
50 Press-ups, hand release
50 Rope Pull-ups
50 Press-ups, hand release

Cash out – Accumulate 2 min Handstand Hold


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