The CrossFit Open 2014

The CrossFit Open 2014


The CrossFit Open is just around the corner. The first workout will be released on Thursday and will kick off 5 weeks of mayhem! For those of you in the dark on the Open, it’s the first stage in the CrossFit ‘Season’. The stage where the whole world gets to compete against each other. A workout is released each week and, those who have entered, will complete it, log their scores and see where the stand in their local area, region or the whole world! You can be a part of this event by registering here, it’s $20 and well worth it for 5 weeks of entertainment. Just remember to put CrossFit Exe down as your affiliate:

Register for the CrossFit Open 2014

Last year was an absolute blast! And this year is going to be even better with so many people of a standard to really smash the workouts. We will be dedicating Saturday mornings to the CrossFit Open. The Open workout will be the WOD and we will all give it a crack regardless of whether you have entered or not. Of course, we will scale or substitute where necessary to ensure that each individual gets a taste of the Open workout without getting crushed (or just really frustrated!).

Aside from The Open workouts, the deep, dark WODs will take a bit of a back seat for the next eight weeks. Emphasis will shift to strength development and technique improvement. The first four weeks we will be ironing out our strength imbalances, improving weightlifting technique and hammering some gymnastic progressions. We will then cycle into more heavy lifting in a bid to get more stronger! It is planned that this cycle will culminate in an in-house weightlifting competition (more details to follow) so we can put everything into practice.

So be prepared for some good times at the gym over the coming weeks!

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