Test Week

Test Week

Schedule for the week is as follows:

Monday – Back Squat Test
Tuesday – 2000m Row Test
Wednesday – Push-Press/Power Clean/Front Squat Test + Endurance Exe Run Time Trial (Optional)
Thursday – Team Test
Friday –¬†Aerobic Test

This is the culmination of the 8 week strength cycle of training (re-test Back Squat & Deadlift) and will also form the baseline tests of the next cycle (Multi-Lift Test & Aerobic pieces). The Endurance Exe Run Time Trial is optional, but recommended.

There will be a Team Test on Thursday, first time we have done this. The workout will be released early to allow forward planning. It requires teams of four, preferably 2 male and 2 female, but that’s not compulsory. It should provide a good challenge for those competing in team events this summer both in itself and also in terms of strategy, organisation, communication etc. You know the format so get your teams sorted for Thursday.

There is no met-con planned for Monday or Wednesday as we’re looking for maximum effort on the tests outlined. That being said, if you want to get your metabolic hit, plan something for open gym after class.

There will be plenty of scope outside of tests to work on mobility, skills etc. and also to plan for the One & All Games next weekend. It’s appreciated that those competing in the Games might not want to hit the tests on Thursday/Friday so there will be time to get them done next week.

The deadlift 1RM test last Friday went extremely well, 80% of attendees hitting a PR. Lets aim for a similar result on the Back Squat. Please come prepared for the tests, warm-up appropriately before class so that we can maximise the coaching time.

Good luck all!

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