TEAM – SAT 24/01/15

TEAM – SAT 24/01/15


In teams of three:

10 minute team total: 2 rep Front Squat

*No racks. Team mates may form a ‘Human Rack’ if required

5 minute transition

Part B
10 minute team total: 2 rep Deadlift

*Reps must be touch and go and must be lowered on the last rep

5 minute transition

Part C
Team Gauntlet:

For time:

12 Air Squats
10 Plate GTOH (20/15)
8 Burpees

*Partner 1 completes the triplet before tagging P2, who then completes triplet, so on to P3
*Each team mate must complete 4 sets through the gauntlet.

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