TEAM – SAT 15/11/14

TEAM – SAT 15/11/14



In pairs:

In 20 minutes build to a max team total weight of the complex:
5 touch-and-go power cleans
5 front squats
5 push press
5 back squats
5 behind-the-neck push press
5 touch-and-go power cleans

*One person working at a time
*Bar must not rest on floor or in hip crease

For time:
40 Burpees
40 Double-unders
3 sets

*Divide reps as required for fastest time


The Athlete Games qualifiers have been programmed for a this Saturday, Wednesday and next Saturday.

2 minutes Row
Walk Lunge; 20 reps
2 minutes Row
Down-up; 20 reps
2 minute Row
Broad jumps; 20 reps

Movement Prep
Rower Burpee practice

THE ATHLETE GAMES 2015 – Qualifier 1

In 20 minutes complete 100 rower jumping burpees.
Then, in the remaining time, row as far as possible.

The score for this workout is the total distance rowed in meters.

To clarify, the score is the number displayed on the rower monitor once the rower stops counting meters, which it will do for a number of seconds after the athlete stops rowing at the 20 minute mark.


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