TEAM – SAT 09/05/15

TEAM – SAT 09/05/15

A. Working in teams of 3:

12 minutes total weight:
Deadlift x3

*Raised and lowered on each rep to count. A dropped bar results in a 5 burpee penalty before next lift.

– Rest/transition 4 minutes – set up bar for part C

B. 8 min AMRAP Team total reps:
5 pull-ups
7 Press-ups
9 Squats

– Rest/transition 1 minute

C. For time
21 GTOH (60/40)
21 Barbell Burpee
3 rounds

*5 Burpee penalty for dropping the barbell on the GTOH

A – Sensible approach to DL, pull a heavy triple for the day. Maintain technique. Score is total weight lifted.

B – Each player completes a round before next can begin. Score is total reps

C – Split reps as required for fastest completion time. Score is total time starting from 20:00

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