Switch Over

Switch Over

I am in the process of changing the booking system for CF Exe. I am switching to Front Desk HQ because it’s a much more streamlined system from my perspective and will allow for improved class booking services from mobile devices for you guys.

I’m really excited to get things switched over, but there’s an obvious transition period with this. I’ve completed most of the transfer of data, but I need your debit/credit card details so I can input them into the new system. For confidentiality reasons, I don’t get to see the whole card number on MindBody so can’t do this transfer myself.

If you could bring your payment card to classes, I will make a start on updating your profile in the new system. There will be no charges on the cards until your existing membership date is up, but having the payment details installed should make for a seamless transition when it’s time to renew your membership. For those of you that pay by cash, there’s nothing to do.

All being well, the only other thing you will need to do is set-up a username & password the first time you log into the new system. I’m anticipating that the online schedule changeover will happen in early May, but will let you know when I have an exact date so you don’t get too freaked out!

I apologise in advance for the hassle of this, but it is an effort on my part to improve the CrossFit Exe service and make things easy for you in the long run. Thanks for understanding.

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