For time:

10 Thrusters (45/30)
10 Barbell Burpee
10 Rounds

Time cap 8 minutes

Teams may split the reps as required for the fastest time possible
Score is time for completion or number of reps completed at cap


30 sec to complete the heaviest weight possible:
Ground to Shoulder – Front Squat – Shoulder to Overhead
3 attempts

Each team will get 30 sec to complete both male & female lifts, one athlete lifts at a time
Teams will have a male/female bar & plates as required
The score will be the total male/female weight (kg) of the heaviest successful lifts

1 minute Transition



4 minutes to complete as many reps as possible:
Ground to Overhead (45/30)

Teams must set-up their bars in the transition period
Complete as many reps as possible in 4 minutes
One athlete works at a time, split reps as required for highest output


For time:

Buy in – 500m Row

10 Alternating Pull-ups
20 Alternating Press-ups
30 Box Jump Overs (20)
5 rounds

Buy out – 500m Row

Time cap 12 minutes 

Teams can split the row as required for fastest time

Alternating pull-up – Both athletes must hang from the bar, athlete 1 completes one pull-up, then athlete 2 completes one pull-up until 10 reps in total are completed. Both athletes must hang from the bar for the rep to count.
Alternating Press-ups – Both athletes must be in the top position of a press-up, athlete one completes a press-up where chest touches cone & back to full extension. Athlete 2 then completes their press-up. The non-working athlete must maintain position in the top of press-up for the rep to count.
Box Jump Over – Athlete must face the box for the jumps, no lateral jumps. Both feet must leave the floor at the same time, both must touch top of box and must be on the ground for the rep to count & for the second athlete to start. No full extension is required at the top. Reps can be split as required.


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