STRENGTH – WED 14/01/15

STRENGTH – WED 14/01/15


5 minutes double-unders

Press-up; 12 reps; slow and controlled
KB Push-press; 10 reps; 2 sec pause at top
DB Lateral raise; 8 reps; 2 sec pause at top
2 sets

Executioner stretch
Partner prone dislocates

a) Bench press; 10 reps; 3 sets
b) Plyometric press-ups; 4 reps; 3 sets

*Standard press-up with explosive press so that hands leave the floor, no clap, no change of hand position.

For time:

30 Wall Ball (9/6)
30 Double-unders
30 Step-ups (20)

3 rounds

*Step-ups – Both feet must touch top of box and ground on each rep. Knees and hips at full extension on top of box.

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