STRENGTH – MON 16/02/15

STRENGTH – MON 16/02/15

Deload week this week. Lower volume, ‘lighter’ movements. However, several test pieces to be performed at Open intensity i.e. as if going for a top score in the Open. We will try and have these workouts judged to give a real feel for the upcoming Open workouts. Give each your best shot, they are relatively short so the end is always in sight!


Three sets of:
Goblet squat with 10 sec pause in bottom
Bear crawl forward/bear crawl backward
Glide kip; 6 reps

Overhead squat and hold; 5 sets


Eight sets of:
Overhead Squat; 3-4 reps


AMRAP in 6 minutes of:

30 Wall Ball (9/6)

10 Pull-Ups

30 Double-Unders

*At Open intensity
*Level 1 – banded pull-ups or ring rows; 60 single unders

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