SATURDAY 21/05/16

SATURDAY 21/05/16


In teams of 4, 2 boy & 2 girl

A) 12 minutes to establish a team total

Power Clean
Front Squat

*One person lifting at a time
*Two bars per team, one 20kg & one 15kg

Rest 4 minutes

B) In 15 minutes:
Team Run 1000m


AMRAP in remaining time:
6 Power Clean
6 Shoulder to Overhead
6 Barbell Burpee

*Boy/Girl complete complex together then rest while the other pair complete the complex
*Bar must be lowered to floor. If bar is dropped, the Barbell Burpees will increase to 12 reps
*Rx weight is 50/35, but select a weight that allows all sets to be completed unbroken

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