SATURDAY 06/02/16

SATURDAY 06/02/16

In teams of three, all male or all female teams:

In 9 minutes:
100 Partner Press-ups
AMRAP Front Squats (60/40)

Rest 1 minute

In 9 minutes
100 1-2-3 Wall Ball
AMRAP Deadlift (60/40)

Rest 1 minute

In 9 minutes:
100 Partner Burpees
AMRAP Push-Press (60/40)

*On front squats and push-press, bar cannot touch the ground throughout the AMRAP period
*On deadlift bar must touch the floor on each rep, but transition must occur off the floor
*In a mixed gender teams, the above standards will not be required

*Partner press-up, all three team members stay in top of push-up throughout the set. Only two partners work at a time performing synchro press-ups. Each synchro press-up counts as one rep. If anyone needs to come out of top position, no press-ups can be counted during this time.
*Wall Ball 1-2-3, team members stand side by side in normal wall ball stance. On each rep, the ball is thrown to next person in line, back and forth along the line until 100 reps are complete. The ball cannot touch the ground once set is started.
*Partner burpees, all three people led on stomach on floor. Only two people work at a time performing synchro burpees. Each synchro burpee counts as one rep.

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