That was The Open 2015
The Open 2015 is over. It was a blast! The best open I been involved with and definitely the most successful at CF Exe. Many highlights and top performances. The buzz and atmosphere at the gym on Friday Night Lights and Monday Night Repeats has been brilliant. It feels like everyone has got a little excited at least for some part of the 5 weeks in the anticipation of the event. Thank you for being part of it and making it such a success.

What now?
On an individual level, it should be a time for assessment and re-calibration. Where have you come in the last year and where do you want to go next? We offer the best environment possible to explore wherever you want and a community of like minded people to support the journey. The CF Exe team of coaches are always available to talk over your goals and aspirations and put some solid plans into place. Catch a coach at the gym or drop an e-mail to to talk things through.

On a gym level, we have some exciting ventures in the pipeline. We will soon be releasing details of Endurance Exe and Rugby Exe that will be kicking off in the Spring and Summer respectively. There is a busy summer of competition and associated training planned incorporating trail running, beach training, outdoor WODs, Strongman shenanigans and much more. It really is going to be a packed spring/summer!

Strength Cycle 1
The next cycle of training takes a step away from the hardcore CrossFit WODs that have drained the batteries over the last few months. It’s time to refresh physically and mentally, set some new goals, and hit your fitness from a different angle.

We will be starting a strength cycle to continue for 8 weeks. The strength cycle will be based around the classic compound movements of squat and hinge…expect lots of both. The other main component of the strength cycle will be midline strength and stability. Developed through the main lifts of course, but also through some specific exercises to get that 6 pack ready for summer! This doesn’t mean we won’t be doing CrossFit, you will be working hard on the gymnastic elements and basic CF movements throughout the cycle. On the engine side of things, we will look to develop the aerobic system as much as possible.

There is a slight change to the schedule to accommodate the new cycle. Weightlifting will be mixed in to the normal CrossFit classes for the 8 weeks so we will have a little break from the 90 minute Thursday sessions. For those that loved the pure technique work of the Thursday night, don’t worry, this will still be covered in the standard classes and the coaches are still available for Skills sessions if you want more detail individually or in a small group.

At the end of this first Strength Cycle you should see significant improvement in your absolute strength in the classic lifts, improved gymnastic strength and ability and a developed cardiorespiratory capability. Oh, and you will look better naked!


Broad Jump; 8 reps
Muscle Clean; 8 reps
High Hang + Hang + Clean; 3 sets

Clean + 2 Front Squat (pause 5 sec in bottom position)
EMOM 15 minutes

AMRAP 10 minutes

20 OH Plate Lunge (20/15)
10 DB Push-Press – Left (20/15)
10 DB Push-Press – Right (20/15)

Midline – Coaches’ Choice

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