One year on…

One year on…

To all CrossFit Exe members of the past year,

I’ve kept this quiet with so much else going on this time of year, but this week marks the one-year anniversary for CrossFit Exe at Tan Lane. 

One year ago I opened the doors for the first time to welcome 20 or so people in for the first workout. Fight Gone Bad in Speedos will never be forgotten.

To say that this year has gone fast would be an understatement. It’s rare that I reminisce, but it has been a good year. We started out with about 30 early pioneers and month on month added to our ranks. The gradual growth has meant that new members have been integrated quickly into the group. It’s a smooth transition from newbie to part of the team.

It started as a friendly, welcoming gym with a great atmosphere from that first workout and that will continue given the quality of people we have and seem to attract. It’s impossible to create a vibe like that if the people aren’t up to it. You lot are up to it.

There have been so many memorable moments it’s difficult to quantify. From the big lifts, huge efforts and strong performances; through the gut wrenching fails and near misses; and the heart warming support I see everyday. Even the small things lik

e my 06:45 chat with Barbara before she calls the girls to wake them up. It has all added to the fabric of a wonderful year. 

I have never been a part of such a positive environment. Thanks for the last year. It’s been a blast.

2014 will be bigger and badder! Lots of big adventures on the horizon. Lots of progressive plans for the gym. December is a time to reflect on your pr

ogress, see how far you’ve come. Over the Christmas period start to work out where you are going to go. New goals, new challenges, I’m here to help in anyway I can.

CrossFit Exe is a second home for me. I hope you feel the same way.




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