New Services

New Services

James Morgan is now running physiotherapy from CrossFit Exe. James is owner of The Barefoot Physio and will be seeing private clients as well as offering services to CrossFit Exe members. Please be respectful of the clinic and helpful to anyone coming in for treatment.


James is a great addition to the CrossFit Exe team and the service he offers is a huge boost to the gym. A physiotherapist who is also into CrossFit! We are very lucky.

Physiotherapy is not just about injury rehabilitation. It’s just as valuable to CrossFitters as a means of injury prevention and movement improvement. While James can help with injury rehab and all your little aches and niggles, he has something to offer every single one of us at the gym. His passion lies in determining movement problems, sourcing the issues that cause the problems and providing corrective solutions that will minimise the risk of injury, bring about better movement and ultimately better performance.

CrossFit Exe clothing is now available through the online store. There are new designs, new colours and the process should now be quicker from ordering to receiving goods. The store can be accessed through the website (Services>Shop) and directly by clicking the logo below:


There is a new ‘Tuck Shop’ at the gym. Currently, there are limited items for instant needs (water, Nak’d Bars, Trail Bars, Tape), but further items will be added in time. I will only add items that there is demand for and that I believe will be of benefit to members. The gym is not going to become a retail store and I certainly don’t want to peddle items to you all Del Boy style, but I hope you make use of the products and appreciate the intent behind it.

The coaching staff at CrossFit Exe are available for individual skills training and programming services. The CrossFit classes by nature are general so if there is a specific skill or area of weakness you would like one-one attention with, just let us know and we will arrange a session. It can be a block of sessions or a one-off, intensive skill work. These sessions are offered at a heavily discounted rate for members. Further details on personal training can be found here.

If you feel confident with your skills, know what you are doing, but just require progressive planning then individual programming is available. Again, this can be booked as a block (preferable) or one off session. Following a discussion on goals and available training time, coach will draw up a training programme for you to use in your garage, at your local gym, away from home or at CF Exe in Open Gym time. Individualised programming will allow you to maximise your potential. Talk this over with any of the coaches at the gym.

The individualised services are by no means intended to replace class time, on the contrary, they will tie in with the classes. They are intended to provide that extra bit of specific work to take your fitness to the next level.

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