MONDAY 25/04/16

MONDAY 25/04/16

This is week 4 of the current cycle. It is programmed as a slight deload week on the strength work. This means we can have a bit of fun with our squat, deadlift and press movements! Use this week, to recover from the heavy workload of the previous 3 weeks. We will start another 3 week build next week. If you are feeling beat up then this is a good week to take an extra rest day, do extra mobility or work on some skills.

Before class
Get warm
Mobility – check out Mobility Monday with Lucy

Class warm-up
Coaches’ Choice

MB squats
Wall Ball technique

30 min AMRAP
400m Run
20 Wall Ball, 9/6, unbroken
20 Box Jump step down, 24/20
60 sec rest

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