MONDAY 16/05/16

MONDAY 16/05/16

This is the last week of build on this cycle. Following this week, there will be a week of competition preparation for One & All Games (23rd – 27th May); then a deload week post-competition to include Bank Holiday (30th May – 3rd June); and then a test week (6th – 12th June). Test week will check on progress from the initial testing plus introduce some benchmark tests for the new cycle of training. More details on the new cycle will be released throughout test week.

5 Narrow Grip OHS, slow/fast
5 Narrow Grip OHS, paused
5 Narrow Grip OHS, bounce
Hang Clean + 2 Split Jerk
10 min Technique
10 min Build to heavy set

400m Run
15 KB swings
10 Pull-ups, unbroken
Rest 60 sec
4 rounds

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