MONDAY 13/06/16

MONDAY 13/06/16

This training cycle will focus on overhead strength, gymnastic strength and barbell cycling. The conditioning will develop maximum aerobic power over varying time-frames.

The testing has highlighted a need for development in our overhead work, both static and dynamic. We will look to improve this through overhead squats and overhead pressing. This cycle will use back squat as the main strength developer and tester. There will be plenty of pulling within the barbell work so deadlifts will be low weight, high volume in conditioning pieces. That’s it for pure barbell strength work as we will be doing lots of strength work in gymnastics and weightlifting.

The one thing that was a slight disappointment in the previous training cycle was gymnastic strength. Broadly test numbers only went up slightly over the cycle. This is the foundation of all our body weight movements and also adds tremendous control to our lifting so it must be improved. Based on that, we will continue with the work on fundamentals with a slight change of direction to allow beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes to work on progressions and see a real benefit. This is a simplification of programming rather than a complication. Simple progressions, more often. Not the most glamorous side of CrossFit training, but vital to see continued progression and avoid injury. Prepare for lots of static holds and strict work!

Impressed with the improvements in our long range aerobic work, we will continue to go long at least once a week. The more regular conditioning pieces will start to look a little more ‘CrossFit’ whilst maintaining the scientific underpinning for developing your energy systems.

We will work on a two week mini cycle to ensure that we cover all of the above without rushing any of the elements (back squat, for example, will be on Tuesday in week one then Monday in week 2, then Tuesday again in week 3 etc). By switching the schedule each week, it means that those members who can only attend on certain days get to work all aspects of their fitness. We will run two mini cycles (4 weeks) and then deload. We’ll then run another two mini cycles (4 weeks) before deload & Tribal Clash. We will then test.

Once again, all we ask for is consistency, focus and hard work.

See you at the gym.

MONDAY 13/06/16

2 min Shoulder Extension
2 min Shoulder Flexion
2 min Jefferson Curl
2 min Calf raises

3 lengths – Stick Insect
3 lengths – Duck Walk
3 lengths – Lateral bounds

Gymnastic Strength
Min 1 – 3-5 Pull-up + 3 sec hold
Min 2 – 3-5 Wall Walks + 3 sec hold
Min 3 – 30 Double-unders

Row 250m
25 Toes to Bar
50 Walking Lunge

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