MONDAY 06/06/16

MONDAY 06/06/16

Eleven weeks since we last tested these metrics so it’s time to see what progress we have made. Most of the tests are the same as the previous test week, but there are some new benchmarks which we will use in the new training cycle.

For those who have been following the programme, we have already seen improvements on all of the movements we will be testing. Test week is used to measure that progression to provide a new level.

For those new to CrossFit Exe, this is the first opportunity to set a base level. To test your strength and fitness in it’s current state. Personal bests come in many forms. The obvious like the amount of weight lifted or the time it takes to complete a workout, but can also be in the form of improved movement, new range of motion, a harder progression to what you have previously done. We will celebrate them all.

For those not feeling like testing for whatever reason, injuries, heavy training load, work, kids etc. No problem, turn-up, get the work done and make a note on your training diary that you were not at 100%. There’s no need to miss class or stress over your metrics. Sometimes we just aren’t ready.

Please post your personal bests on the records board at the gym. There’s a great opportunity to get up on the chalk boards as they’ve recently been cleared. The boards will now show the best lifts, times and reps achieved within class. There’s a Teens board and a Masters board so opportunities for all (still waiting on the ginger’s board!).

We start with Front Squats and a benchmark ‘Girl’. There’s no additional work this week other than the 20 minute max metres row which will show up on Thursday (catch-up day).

Stay safe, give your best and have some fun.

12 Press-ups
10 Goblet Squats
2 Broad Jumps
3 sets

Squat Strength Test
Front Squat; 3RM

Benchmark Test


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