Below is a summary of the services available at CrossFit Exe. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of fitness services to cater for the variety of people we see in our membership. From our group classes to specialist sessions to personal services…there is something for everyone.


*NEW* Level 1 Class
A fundamentals programme for beginners and those looking for a steady re-introduction to CrossFit training. Develop technique in the main strength lifts and basic gymnastic movements; work on mobility, ironing out imbalances; improve all round fitness. The programme can be used as a stepping stone to more advanced training or can be used as a general routine for everyday health and fitness.

Level 2 Class
The main class-based programme. The development of technique in barbell and gymnastic movements for progressive strength and power, plus the further development of work capacity. The classes include regular testing and progressive programming. Mobility work is included to improve performance. A complete programme for performance fitness and physical capacity, it is possible to remain on this programme indefinitely with consistent improvement.

Specialist sessions used to develop technique in the Olympic Lifts: Snatch, Clean and Jerk plus their derivatives. Weightlifting sessions are 90 minutes long to allow for more thorough technique work.

A comprehensive set of specialist sessions: speed development at the athletics tracks; long distance and trail running; and skills sessions for development of technique. These sessions are valuable whatever your endurance-based performance goal or competition focus.

*NEW* Parkour/Natural Movement
An exciting addition to the gym. The sessions will be led by Parkour and Gymnastics coach Michal Konopko. Drills and progressions to develop beautiful, fluid movement.


The Teens and Kids sessions use the principles of CrossFit training to introduce youngsters to functional fitness. Sessions are planned and delivered to maximise development in fitness whilst keeping participants engaged and entertained. There is a focus on proper movement mechanics and creating a broad athletic foundation. There is also competitive CrossFit at the Teens level for interested athletes.

*NEW* Ladies
Specific strength and conditioning training for females in a friendly, all-female, testosterone-free environment! Open to members and non-members alike.

*NEW* Team Exe
Team Exe will be the representative section of our gym. Athletes will be expected to commit to consistent group training to push each other to be the best they can be. The hard work will be showcased at team and individual competitions throughout the year. The Team will be based on hard work, a dedicated drive for perfection, and a pride in performance. Coupled with the gym ethos of no-ego, friendliness and enjoyment.


*NEW* Assessment
Highly recommended for all members. A one-to-one assessment, the content of which will depend on individual goals. The basic assessment will look at your movement including mobility and stability to highlight existing restrictions or imbalances. Optional extras will include a physical assessment, nutrition review and body-fat testing. A complete set of baseline results from the assessment will guide your future training to remove weaknesses and develop more rounded fitness.

*NEW* Skills Session
Coaches will be available to assist with your skill development. Expert eyes on one or more techniques that you may need extra help on. Instant feedback, cues and progressions. The Skills Sessions will now be split into 20 minute blocks so that you can have a quick 20 minute review of one movement, a detailed 40 minute session or a 60 minute in-depth analysis of a variety of techniques. This personal attention works perfectly with technique development in gymnastics and weightlifting.

Personal Training
One-to-one sessions with an experienced, dedicated coach focussed on your development. The personal attention received during these sessions will lead to rapid progress toward your goals. The sessions will be planned and delivered by the coach based on your requirements. For those looking to lose fat, gain strength, improve technique, prepare for an event, or looking for a more personal approach.

*NEW* Level 3 – Individual Programming
Individual Programming, for those with the time, dedication and drive to maximise their potential. Provided by experienced coaches with years of experience in strength and conditioning. For athletes in CrossFit, weightlifting, rugby, football, rowing and any other sports plus tactical athletes such as military personnel, emergency services etc. Tailored programming to meet specific goals. Those requiring more individual programmes should contact us on

Barefoot Physiotherapy
Expert screening, assessment, pre-habilitation and re-habilitation services. Contact Barefoot Physio on to book a consultation.

Sports Massage
Sports massage services offered by South Devon Sports Massage with special rates for members. Contact Luke Yabsley to book an appointment at


Currently on hold due to the cold weather, the yoga sessions, led by Lucy Ayres, will be making a return as soon as possible in the spring.

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