June News

June News

The sun is out, the sky is blue…beautiful weather at the moment. Get out and enjoy it but don’t forget your bread and butter at the gym.

Review of May…
I have been really impressed with your improvements over the last month and really pleased with the combination of skill acquisition (snatch, cleans, jerks etc) and stamina work (long WODs). The focused overhead squatting has brought improvement in mobility that has translated pretty well to the snatch positions whilst your cleans have come a long way. More and more of you are hitting the correct positions and are starting to add the movement. It’s great to see people ‘getting’ such complex movements and start to make their own corrections. The strength work is starting to pay off with week on week improvements in strength numbers on the back squat and better positions and movement all round. On top of that, gymnastics skills and mobility are getting there, but a little more work on these elements in your own time will result in big gains. Conditioning wise, It’s been a tough month with some hard, long workouts no doubt resulting in some sore muscles. A more strength orientated month in June will see a return to shorter workouts with a faster recovery time.

Coming up in June…
June will bring a move back to strength work with a focus on front squats, cleans and overhead pressing. We will continue to work the overhead squat and mix in some weighted lunge work for good measure. Many of you are out running and biking in the good weather, this is great! Keep it up. There will be some specific core work to ensure you can hold your good form for longer in these endurance pursuits. As above, conditioning will mostly be short and sharp, sprints, heavy lifting etc., but I will also be mixing in some strongman type training for strength and endurance gains in odd positions, with odd objects. It also gives us a chance to get outside and play!

Cheerio students…
We will be saying goodbye to most of our students over the next week or so. They’re all heading off for their summer breaks, some will be returning in the Autumn, for others, it’s the end of their time in Exeter. All have been great members of the gym and we wish you all the best for the future.

Upcoming events…
Look out for workshops on mobility by our in-house Physio, James Morgan and an upcoming workshop and question & answer session on nutrition by our MSc student, Rich Tucker.

There are a quiet couple of weekends coming up so how about an in-house comp on a Saturday? Teams, Individuals, Lifting, Strongman, CrossFit? Let me know what you’d like to see and I’ll get something fixed up. How about 15th June?

Got to be another social to look forward to!? Camping trip? Dartmoor bouldering? Surf trip?

Finally, I’m putting in a bulk order for clothing next Monday. Take a look on the website for type/style/colour/size options and write up on the board at the gym what you would like.

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