CrossFit Exe is now partnered with DC Run to assist all members in improving their running, whether for CrossFit or for running events. Owner and head coach, David Chamberlain, will be introducing himself at this evening’s CrossFit sessions (Tuesday 10th Feb) and will be available to answer your questions. To kick things off, David will run a ‘Running Workshop’ on the 28th February. The workshop will have a large practical element with handy drills and tips for improved running mechanics and efficiency. The workshop will be targeted at CrossFitters, but will be beneficial to all those with an interest in better running and faster times.

DC Run is operated by David Chamberlain, a highly qualified running coach who has recently returned to England after 10 years in Sydney, Australia. Whilst in Sydney, David set up the successful DC Run business, which continues to operate, led by his Australia based team. He is looking to develop DC Run in Exeter and the South West to assist competitive and recreational runners alike.

David’s approach is very individualistic as no one size approach fits all. He specialises in assessment, identifying faults and detailing specific programmes for the individual. His personal training services will be based out of CrossFit Exe.

Check out the DC Run website and be ready with any questions this evening:


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