This is week 4 and the final week of the first build. This will be another heavy, high volume week. that will be followed by a deload week then a week of testing. A few pointers for you on some things that have arisen over the last 3 weeks:

– If in doubt on a movement, workout, sessions, intensity etc. ask and don’t just muddle through or guess.
– Doubling or tripling up on workouts to catch-up is not recommended. Workouts that are rushed or completed half paced are counterproductive. Just move on, but don’t skip your weaknesses.
– Give yourself enough time to complete the workout and be productive with your time. Each session, done at an efficient pace, can be completed in under 2 hours. Less talking, more doing.
– Progressions are vital if you are to get up to standard and Rx workouts. Again, ask for progressions and do them.
– Extra work is encouraged as long as it does not impact on the programmed sessions. There is a lot of time and thought in the programming so don’t waste it. Work technique and weaknesses as a priority in the extra work.
– On that note, your feedback is absolutely necessary both in terms of your daily log on the comments section of the blog and general feedback on the programme.
– See the bigger picture. We are not competing in the Open next week. Bit by bit we will round out your game. See every session as a chance to get closer to your maximum potential.
– Finally, rest & recover, mobilise, sleep and eat well. It’s your foundation.



Session 1

6 attempts at max distance double broad jump


Back Squat
4 reps @ 70%
3 reps @ 80%
2 reps @ 85-90%
7-8 reps @ 70-85%
7-8 reps @ 70-85%
7-8 reps @ 70-85%

Rest 3 minutes between sets

Take 12 minutes to build to a heavy set in:
Clean + Hang Clean


Take 12 minutes to build to a moderate/heavy set in:
2x Behind Neck Split Jerk


For quality:
20m Lunge
20m Overhead Plate Lunge (20/15)
20 Jump Lunge
3 rounds

For time:
5 CTB Pull-ups; 20 rounds

– Session Focus: Squat Strength/Oly Lifting/Pull Volume
– Double broad jump: no pause in middle. From landing of first jump straight into second jump.
– Make the volume sets of the squat (7-8 reps) as heavy as you can handle.
– Warm-up to weightlifting with the following series (not included in 12 minutes):
1) Mid-hang muscle clean
2) Tall Clean
3) Clean Segment Deadlift
4) Halting Clean + Clean
Pull from floor, pause at mid thigh, then clean. Follow up with full clean from floor.
– Clean + Hang Clean Complex: work hang clean from mid-thigh, no lower. Focus on full extension, keeping bar close and aggressive pull under.
– Behind neck Jerk: straight line dip and drive. No dip forward, stay fully upright.

Session 2

Technical, Skills, Mono-structural aerobic (row, run, swim, bike etc)

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