CFEXE ATHLETE 04/06/2014

CFEXE ATHLETE 04/06/2014


10-15 minute work on overhead position – foam roll, mobility, position.

EMOM 10 minutes
3 Front Squat; @20X1; @60-65% 1RM; Speed

EMOM 10 minutes
Odds – 10-12 Wall Balls
Even – 10-12 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

Run 250m
10 Shoulder to Overhead (60/40)
20 Barbell Burpees
Rest 3 min

5 sets; all sets at 85% effort

– Test, re-test your overhead position. Spend time on roller, mobility and in the actual positions.
– Stick to the %’s and Tempo on the Front Squat. Looking for speed-strength development.
– Unbroken sets on Wall Ball and CTB pull-ups.
– The STOH should be either unbroken or maximum one break, scale to achieve this.

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