Brian’s Goal

Brian’s Goal

A bit of inspiration for you from one of our members, Brian Charters.

You will have all seen Brian working hard in open gym over the last few months, pushing some serious weight around. Always focused, he just gets in and does the work.

What you probably don’t know is that Brian has a major goal that he is working towards. He is training to compete in the British Power Lifting Championships 2015.


He is looking at the Unequipped Masters 2 (50+ age group, he is 52 at the moment) at 74kg bodyweight. Outlined below are the qualifying totals and Brian’s current personal records:

Bench   87.5kg 
Current PB   87.5kg

Squat   125kg  
Current PB   130kg

Deadlift   140kg  
Current PB   165kg 

As you can see, he’s doing pretty well! In fact, he says losing the weight to get to 74kg will be the hardest part!

But, he doesn’t just want to qualify, he wants to be competitive at the event so that means pushing those numbers up with dedicated training and progressive programming. Just for reference, last years winning totals were Bench 100kg, Squat 160kg and Deadlift 185kg. Big weights and a big challenge, but achievable.

Make sure you ask Brian how his training is going when you see him at the box especially if you’re interested in Powerlifting and the training that’s required. Oh, and if you see him pinned underneath a Bench Press please help him out!

Always have goals, always plan for your goals and ignore your age…it’s just a state of mind.

Good luck Brian, CrossFit Exe are supporting you all the way!

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