ATHLETE – TUE 12/08/14

ATHLETE – TUE 12/08/14



Handstand Skills
Focus on developing a straight bodyline against the wall then transferring this to the free-standing hold: Spread fingers; feel the ground; push hands into ground for active shoulders; arms in-line with ears; abs tight/glutes tight; legs together; toes pointed.

Minute 1 + 2: wall handstand (back to wall); 25 sec
Minute 3 + 4: wall handstand (chest to wall); 25 sec
Minute 5 + 6: shoulder/hip touch; 2-4 reps each side
Minute 7-10: Freestanding hold practice

10 minute work on Pull-up Skills

Strength work – negative pull-up; strict pull-up; strict chest to bar; L-chin-up/pull-up; Bulgarian pull-up; wide grip; wide grip behind neck; strict ring pull-ups; rope climb (legs & legless)

Skill work – kipping pull-up; kipping chest to bar; butterfly; butterfly chest to bar; muscle-ups (bar & ring).

Not for time:

Hollow Body Rock
Hollow Arch Rock

Max L-sit hold on parallettes at the end of each round


Push Press; 6 reps; 5 sets; Touch & Go to shoulders; 2 sec pause at top of each rep

Weighted Pull-up; 5 reps; 3 sets


5 rounds for time:
10 burpee box jumps (30/24)
1 rope climb

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