CrossFit Exe Athlete Development Programme is a programme for people who are interested in CrossFit as a competitive sport. It has grown out of a need to satisfy the more advanced athletes at our gym, to give them structure, progressions and a focus.

There are lots of great online programmes out there, but we feel that, as the coaches that work with our athletes everyday, we are best positioned to programme for them. In an ideal world, each athlete would have an individual programme of development, but for various reasons this is not always possible. A gym level programme with allowance for individual development is the next best option. The CFExe Athlete programme offers this.

The Athlete programme will be primarily geared towards success in the annual CrossFit Open along with a number of secondary competitions. The secondary competitions will be used as testers i.e. European Inferno, Battle of London Qualifiers, Divided We Fall etc.

The Athlete programme is developed by head coach and owner of CrossFit Exe, Jaime Webb, with the support of the Exe Coaching Team. The programme is not exclusive, it is open to anyone currently competing or with a desire to compete in CrossFit. Wherever possible there will be scaling and subbing suggestions so that people can develop and progress into the full plan. That being said, interested people should have a good base level of fitness and technical proficiency in CrossFit movements. If you are interested but unsure whether you should give it a try, please contact us direct for guidance (

CFExe Athlete will run on a two week rotation with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday as active days and Thursday & Sunday as recovery days. There is one programmed session on each of the active days with an optional second session that includes suggested content. At CrossFit Exe, the sessions are to be in Open Gym time. There will be far more Open Gym time after the gym has been expanded (ETA August).

The programme starts with an accummulation phase which will last throughout the summer months. The main aim of the accummulation phase is the development of strength and power, balancing of weaknesses and developing an energy system base. There will be a lot of strict movements, technique work in barbell and gymnastics along side short range and long range energy systems development. Progress will be checked with regular testing. There will also be dedicated time within the programme given over to you, mainly to work on weaknesses, but also to just have some fun doing something you want to do!

Each day there will be a session uploaded to the blog. The session will be divided into parts to be completed in order. Warm-ups, mobility, flexibility, pre-hab/re-hab etc. are highly individualised and, therefore, your responsibility in addition to the posted session. The terminology and formats used in the plan will become clear overtime, but please ask if you are unsure of anything.

There will be a lot of work. If time is an issue for you, ensure that you get your priorities done. Through the accummulation phase your priorities will be your weaknesses. Not strong enough? Get your strength done as a priority. Strong, but deconditioned? Get your conditioning done as a priority. Lacking technical skills? Spend quality time improving the movements you struggle with. Prioritise. We will still get you where you need to be, it just might take a bit longer. If you require further coaching, Skills Sessions can be booked on a one-one basis or small group.

The best programme for you is the programme you believe in and will stick to. For that reason, your workout results and general feedback on the programming of sessions, weeks, cycles etc. is vital. Please use the ‘Leave a reply’ function on each post to log your scores and e-mail us direct with your feedback.

Strap yourselves in, it’s going to be a fun ride!

The first session will be Monday 19th May 2014, it will be posted on the blog on Sunday at 21:00


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