ATHLETE 09/07/14

ATHLETE 09/07/14


Snatch Pull + Snatch + OHS; 5 sets; Technique Focus

Snatch; 3×2 reps @ 60%; 3×1 rep @ 70%; 3×1 rep @80%; 3×1 @90%+

EMOM 9 minutes:
Overhead Squat; 5 reps
Barbell Burpee; 5 reps

In pairs, for time:

6x 10-20-30-40 metre out and back

Rest 5-10 minutes

6x 10-20-30-40 metre out and back

Partner 1 completes a shuttle run 10m out, 10m back, 20m out, 20m back etc upto 40m out and back. Partner 2 is tagged in and does the same shuttle run while Partner 1 rest. Continue for 3 runs each.

Finish with a 20 minute easy run

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