ATHLETE 08/07/14

ATHLETE 08/07/14


10-12 Hip Bridges
4-6 SL Deadlifts (each side)
4-6 Step-ups (each side)
3 rounds

Box Jump; As high as possible for day; no bloody shins!

Hang Clean + 3x Front Squat; 5 sets; Progressive
As heavy as possible with perfect form; keep hips under bar, no break in mid-section.

Clean Deadlift; take 5 sets to build to a heavy double; @ Tempo 20X1
As heavy as possible with perfect form; overhand grip; no dropping.

1 minute AMRAP Barbell Lunges; 60kg
1 minute rest
1 minute AMRAP Muscle-Ups/CTB Ring Pull-ups
1 minute rest
3 sets

30:30 Row x 8 sets
Rest 3 minutes
2 Rounds

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