Next week we embark on a new programme at CrossFit Exe. A programme that will aim to address some gym-wide issues and also allow the flexibility for individuals to address their own issues. Below is the outline of where we are going with this new cycle of training:

Priority number one: Improved health through better movement
We will be doing a lot of work on the ‘softer’ side of fitness. More time will be designated for mobility, stability, activation and flexibility. By improving the culture of self-maintenance and giving you the tools to look after your own body, we want to see this translate into reduced injuries, freedom from annoying niggles and ultimately improved health and performance. As individuals, this is an easy gain. It’s not sexy or that much fun, but the results can be. Get in early for extra preparation, mobility and stability work. Stay longer for more flexibility and recovery. Do extra in your spare time.

Priority number two: Foundational Strength and Power
We want to put the improved movement gained from priority number one to good use. The programme will continue to be based around the core lifts – snatch, clean & jerk, squat, deadlift, press & pull. But we will be looking to create a more rounded strength profile. Spending longer on the fundamentals of gymnastics and introducing more Strongman-style exercise. There’ll be a lot of new movements that many won’t have attempted before. A new stimulus for the body to adapt to.

Priority number three: Aerobic Work Capacity. Along with great movement and strength training, aerobic training is the key to long-term health and fitness. Luckily for us it also leads to improved performance in CrossFit. We will be following a progressive programme of development in both cyclical and mixed-mode training using intervals and sustained-state work. This will improve work capacity meaning you can go harder for longer and recover quicker within and between sessions. The class based training in this will be good fun, but to really see improvements, there will be extra work to be done in your own time. If you have the capacity in your life, do the work and reap the benefits.

Throughout the programme we will be re-assessing where we are at with our CrossFit specific skills. You cannot skip the necessary progressions and then expect to develop the movement pattern out of thin air. So there will be a few doses of humble pie dished out, a re-setting of current ability and then a path of progressions to follow.

You want that muscle-up? That PR Snatch? That handstand push-up? Or those pesky toes to bar? Then be willing to put in the time and effort on the progressions to get it. It won’t be achieved with quick-fixes, a few bands and boxes, but it will be achieved, and well-earned, with hard work, dedication and a respect for the process.

The Exe coaching team have spent a long-time developing this programme and we are super excited to take you through it, see the results, see you improve. We won’t ask for much from you, just turn-up, work hard and enjoy the ride!

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